Two Metre Tall Sparkling Mead (750ml)


Origin: Tasmania | Country: Australia | Style: Mead | Alcohol: 7.5%


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Harvested by bees located on the TMT farm. A spontaneous wild ferment was allowed to commence & run it’s complex, ever-varied course for 3 long years, then, by a simple addition of honey, the bottle conditioning (i.e. the sparkling bubbles!) also results from completely spontaneous fermentation. Exuberantly sparkling, bone-crunchingly dry but overflowing with ebullient aromatics of wildflowers, pollen, hay. This beverage expresses itself absolutely and utterly as a statement of a very specific time in a very specific place.

Ashley & Jane from Two Metre Tall in Tasmania have released a fresh round of mouth-watering ales and we’re excited to have them on the list. From day one, this brewery set out with one mission in sight – to create authentic estate ale. Local river water + local grain and hops are wild-fermented with whatever yeast roams the Derwent Valley. A incomparably fascinating range of brews that possess momentous aging ability.

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