Two Metre Tall Forth All Grain Ale (375ml)


Origin: Tasmania | Country: Australia | Style: Sour | Alcohol: 3.9%

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A brew of mixed grains & absolutely NO HOPS! The base grain is Tasmanian grown & malted barley together with specialty grains. Refreshingly acidic, dry, with enhanced delicate fruit characters only possible from employing unmalted grain this beer is flavoursome, complex, moreish, and delightfully low on alcohol rendering it unparalleled as an accompaniment to the table.

Ashley & Jane from Two Metre Tall in Tasmania have released a fresh round of mouth-watering ales and we’re excited to have them on the list. From day one, this brewery set out with one mission in sight – to create authentic estate ale. Local river water + local grain and hops are wild-fermented with whatever yeast roams the Derwent Valley. A incomparably fascinating range of brews that possess momentous aging ability.

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