Latta Rattlesnake 2022


A blend of skin contact ferments of “classic French varieties” – another out of the box hit from this winemaking prodigy…

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Origin: Grampians

Region: Victoria

Grape(s): Sangiovese

Style: Medium-bodied, crisp red wine aged in used oak barrels

Drinkability: Guzzle

Alcohol: 12.2%

Interesting take on Sangiovese from the magician Owen Latta. Huge savoury core with the black and red fruit playing around in the front. Moderate depth, a lick of tannins and beautifully refreshing acidity. Winner.

If there is one discovery you can start 2023 with, Owen Latta undoubtedly deserves the priority pass. The juice, the bottles, the labels – everything here is highly captivating. Owen’s wines display phenomenal precision and attention to detail with the help of hands-off winemaking. They are expressive, avant-garde and simply magnificent. From Riesling across to Chardonnay to Sangiovese and Pinot Noir.

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